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How To Find IT

Having trouble locating the item (s) you want? You have a number of options. 

1) You can call us at 1-800-970-7367. Someone (not a computer, alien, or robot) will gladly try to find a product that fills the need--including the need to have that pen you've always used but can't find anymore. Conversation is still the most effective way to solve problems.

2) Follow the instructions below and see if your product turns up in some unexpected, or as yet unfound, place.

     a) The big red Search button is one place you can try. If you know either the name of the product or the item number, our system will bring up one or more options. The first thing you will see is a drop down list of items that seem to relate to your search words. If you click on See All Products, you get a nice list of categories with those words in them. You will also be given a Brand to search. Also, a tab at the top of the list says: News and Information. If your product is there, it may be in a blog along with the link to the product, so it will be worth your time to scan that list.

     b) Try the category list that is under the Search button. For instance, if you want Sharpie Pen, go to Permanent Markers; the fly-away will give you lots of choices. If you look down the list, you will see Sharpie Pen. Click on that and there will be a couple of pages of product with pictures so you can find what you're looking for.

     c) For any kind of porous point pen, use the Felt Tip Pen category--except Sharpie Pen. They are under Permanent Marker because of the tip and ink. No, they won't bleed through paper, but Sharpie is so famous that it's easier to find them with the brand name. 

     d) Dry erase marker and White Board marker are one and the same. If that won't work, try Expo. 

     e) For most people, a pen is a pen. However, inks make them different, so you must know if you want a ballpoint pen, a rollerball, a roller gel, or a fountain pen. For most rollerball  pens, our site has Uni-Ball. Most, not all, ballpoint pens are Papermate. There are a couple of Uni-Ball and Parker. Currently we are only advertising ink for fountain pens. The part of the site where you can purchase Parker Waterman is not yet up and running. Call us if you want something from either of those Brands. Remember also, that gel pens come from both Uni-Ball and Papermate. They are the nice, smooth writes with lots of fashion colors as options.

     f) Paint markers are a category unto themselves. We carry Sharpie, UniPaint and UniPosca, Sakura, and Dixon. Try the paint marker category first. It is organized by brand, tip size and color. 

     g) Industrial markers like TEC are in the specialty section, but also in the brand section. Try them both. If you have questions about where they are or if they have MSDS or Certs, call us. 800-970-7367 9-4 central time.